Larry Alderink, MAR, MA, LLP

larry alderinkLarry has been working as a counseling psychologist since 1989. He is a Limited Licensed Psychologist (LLP) working under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist, and Larry holds two masters degrees. He gained his Masters of Religion (MAR), from the University of Dubuque (IA) Theological Seminary with a focus on pastoral counseling, and a second MA from the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology program at Western Michigan University. As part of his second Masters degree, he completed the Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Larry has extensive experience working with those with alcohol and substance abuse addictions, along with caring for their affected family members. In doing so, he brings a much needed dimension of care to those seeking psychological services from our group.

Larry has gradually expanded the scope of his practice to include working with those struggling with many types of addictive behavior, including eating, gambling and sexual addictions. Larry has been certified in counseling people with sexual addictions of various kinds, e.g., internet and other forms of pornography. He is experienced in marital therapy and therapy for anger, anxiety and depression.

Recently, Larry has begun working with individuals seeking bariatric surgery for weight loss. He is able to complete the required pre-surgical psychological evaluations for weight loss, also known as bariatric surgery. Additionally, he will provide counseling and supportive services to those with emotional eating problems, and those with concurrent depression and anxiety.

Larry comes from a strong faith-based tradition in his work with others. If you should seek a Christian Counseling perspective, please call Judy or Carol at (231) 737-1213 to schedule with Larry for an appointment.